The inaugural Hyson Green Cultural Festival (HGCF) began in 2014, initiated by 3 people whose ambition was to bring together the local communities in Hyson Green to share and enjoy their cultural diversity. The great success of this first event in bringing together many different people and groups in a highly diverse area, led to HGCF winning the ‘Best Organised Community Event’ Award from Nottingham City Homes.

HGCF expanded in 2015, mainly due to the strong roots we established with the local community. In 2016, the Festival continued to grow, seeing approximately 500 people in attendance and attracting some 600 visitors in 2017.

The Festival not only encompasses a good family fun day out, but it enables us to raise awareness and educate on issues arising in the local community. We have focused on: female genital mutilation, knife crime, hate crime and communities have been able to utilise free access to health checks by trained professionals.

Our events are facilitated by the management team, made up of 12 core members and supported by 20 dedicated volunteers, all of whom contributed over 960 hours a year to create the magic that is HGCF - bringing people together, fostering community cohesion, developing local skills, competencies and confidence.